Delicious & Ethical - Pasteurised only Full Cream Milk

4Real Milk Products

 Ethical, Full Cream Milk

The 4Real Milk Product range consists of Full Cream Milk and delicious yoghurt.

Our heavenly milk is full cream and ‘pasteurised only’* (non-homogenised). We don’t add anything or take anything out. So it has a great taste, is better for you and better for you and your family.

4Real Milk is one of the most minimally processed, ‘farmgate’ fresh milks available. It is pasteurised only to retain as many nutrients as possible making it the most authentic flavoursome milk product available! 

If you see cream on top don’t worry, that's how it is supposed to be.

Give it a light shake, sit back, and enjoy an icy cold glass full… or in a coffee or hot chocolate and in some of your favourite baking!
  • 2 Litres - Plastic Bottle 
  • 1 Litre - Plastic Bottle
  • 750 ml - Glass Bottle
View of bottled milk
*In Australia, milk cannot be sold raw. According to Safe Foods Australia, milk must be pasteurised. This involves heating the milk to a minimum of 72 degrees for 15 seconds and then cooling it again without allowing recontamination before bottling it for market. 

Pasteurisation ensures milk is safe for human consumption by destroying all harmful bacteria. 
Packed natural yogurt


In keeping with our minimally processed ethos, our yoghurt is
Natural - Unhomogenised (pasteurised only) - Unsweetened - Pot Set - Full Fat

· Natural Yoghurt 1kg tub

4Real Milk is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated.

100% Australian owned
All sales from our milk stay in Australia. 

Farmers are paid a FAIR ‘gateprice’ by the 4Real Milk factory. We are 100% committed to playing our part in making the dairy industry in Queensland sustainable by paying a fair farmgate milk price.  

Other processors* are still paying producers (your local dairy farmers) the same price they were receiving per litre in the 90’s now, resulting in the diminishment of up to 40% of Queensland dairy farms over the past 5 years. 

where to find our products

From café owners to major supermarket chains and everyone in-between, it seems our freshly produced milk and yogurt are
a hit wherever they go! If you can’t find a stockists on the map below – just give us a call or email and we'll find one for you.
 Please note that our delicious yogurt or glass bottles may not be available in all stores.
Note: Not all IGA Stores may appear on the map but any IGA store in Qld and Northern NSW can stock 4Real Milk.
If your local IGA doesn't stock it, ask them if they will or ask us and we'll contact them.

Can't find 4Real Milk near you?
Help us by contacting your local IGA to see if they can get it in!

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