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Our Story – the 4 Real Milk story
Saving Queensland Dairy Farmers

The 4Real Milk story is all about our family and yours, and wanting the best for both.

In 2013, we, the Dennis Family, decided to set up our own milk processor on our farm and the “4Real Milk” label was born.

The goal was to provide the freshest, highest quality farm gate fresh milk (with no additives) for everyone AND pay the farmers a sustainable farmgate price for their milk. On July 1, 2015, 4Real Milk welcomed their second farm – another Scenic Rim farm - Maroon Dairy farmers, Leann and Rod Brasington. 
four story generation

remember when milk was delivered right to your doorstep? - we do!

The Dennis family farm was purchased in the 1930’s by Rita and Hal. Back then, almost 80 years ago, cows were milked by hand and milk was delivered door to door by a horse and cart. A lot has changed since then! Today the Dennis family’s 250 plus cows are milked by the “LELY Robotic Dairy System”, which when it was installed in 2010 was the first of its kind in Queensland.

The number one reason the Dennis family introduced the system was because it was significantly less stressful on the cows yet still promised increased productivity - at a time when the $1 per litre milk war began resulting in very poor farm gate prices for us this was really important!

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Come and visit the Dennis family farm and do a “Robotic Dairy” Tour. You can see first hand the passion and commitment that goes into producing 4Real Milk and see the cows be milked by ‘robots’! Lots of fun for the whole family!
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what do we believe in?

We believe in the purity and quality of our farm fresh milk.

As fourth generation dairy farmers, we knew the difference in quality between over processed, homogenised, store-bought and locally produced milk.

4Real milk can’t be categorised as just any milk – the purity and taste is as close as possible to the milk that comes straight from our cows.
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