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"I was the first person to buy the glass bottles in at the big pumpkin in Beaudesert. I had the first glass of milk at home and it was delicious"

- Nathan
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"Nobody in our family can tolerate 'shop milk' unless it's non homogenised"

 - Kate
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"Today was our first day of selling your milk! Well what we had we sold out. That's almost 10 crates. And That's was just the first day. Wow !!" 

- Angela
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"I am so excited! I got my first bottle of Scenic Rim 4Real Milk. Awesome! The kids were pretty happy too! "

- Katrina
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"I am just sitting down to my first taste......LOVE fresh and the taste is yummy. Awesome job everyone."

- Karen
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"I don't get sick when I drink your milk.... the only other stuff I can tolerate is lactose free milk!"

 - Nahomie


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latest blog

By Farmer Gregie 05 Feb, 2016
It's funny how our own mind plays tricks on us - and at times incredibly frustrating! 

I realise after sleeping on it, my anxiety of succeeding or failing in the Crowd Funding campaign has nothing to do with 'success or failure' such. It has everything to do with the belief among the thousands of supporters like you who have been on the journey until this point in time. Do you believe strongly enough in me? Do you believe strongly enough in my message? Do you believe, beyond a shadow of doubt that I will take this message to the world - and create the awareness that I speak of?

As I look at my own track record - I cannot dispute our achievements...they are real. I have already left an indelible mark in my small corner of the world. I have taken a U-turn from tradition, and flipped the way milk is sold on its head! The way we do business is the way of the future. The way we produce and market food is the way of the future. The corporate alternative has no future. It will self destruct, not a question of if - but when? It's a paradigm shift for many - one future, very bright - the other future, extremely bleak. You will determine that already are today.

A promising start to the campaign, with 19 backers. It is a nice mix of some original and very loyal believers, and some brand new faces. This is a great test of the 'care factor' of the wider community. I am already feeling much more at ease with the outcome, as it will help shape my way forward. You see - it will be for the best if the campaign is not supported, as that indicates to me that target audience I thought was out there...does not exist. However if the campaign is heavily backed, that is awesome news, giving me the green light to be the one who shows the way of the future, ably assisted by YOU!

This will prove to be a great release of the pressure I've put on myself. It can be exhilarating to be a creative, to act on a faith, to believe what I've already foreseen to be true and real. It can also be draining and daunting for those closest to me, those who don't always share in my visions. I have been working on this project (educational documentary), mentally, for the past 5 years. As soon as that report was released in 2011, of Year 11 Students who thought Yogurt grew on trees, and Cotton came off animals, I knew that awareness had to be created, that education was key. That was also the motivation to start our farm tours.

Over to you pressure! After 12 hours of going live we're at $814. Unfortunately that puts us on track to reach the target in 74 days time, which is 53 days beyond my deadline. As my wife always tells me - "You snooze, you lose". I will know whether to action my plans or not in the coming days. I already believe in 'me', but if you do too...then I need your help. It's in your hands.

Farmer Gregie :)

By Farmer Gregie 02 Feb, 2016
I believe that RESPECT is a two-way street. Maybe I have formed some opinions thanks to my upbringing? Perhaps it's also due to choices I've made beyond childhood?

On the Dennis family farm, we do what we can to save lives on a daily basis. Our future depends on it - and so does the job security of our entire team. Of all days, today rammed it home to me even more than usual.

You see, this morning, Dad called in to break the bad news to me that one of our 2 year old milk heifers was down (and almost certainly out) with Ephemeral Fever. This despite the fact that Dad and Uncle Ray (both in their 70's) picked her up well after knock-off a couple of days ago, and shifted her to the relative comfort of the rubber matting, and relief of the water sprinklers in the dairy shed. Known as 3 Day Sickness in cattle, it is like a severe dose of influenza - which can result in death during our extreme heat and humidity. We vaccinate our 500 girls annually, at a cost of $$ in the thousands - but just as with humans, not everyone is protected 100% of the time.
I was reluctant to 'put her down', although that appeared to be the only option, and the humane course of action. I spoke to Courtney, and asked her, along with Jason, and Justin (who literally started with us yesterday), to sit her up and give her one more opportunity to have a drink and a feed. What I didn't request was for Courtney to share her ICY POLE with Tarnya!! Justin was onto it (he'd been studying Veterinary Science and completed Animal Production prior to coming here) knowing the importance of re-hydrating her, but we had no electrolytes on hand.
Tarnya sparked up so quickly that she went on to have a good drink of water, and ate a couple of biscuits of hay...and maybe even cracked a smile :) Is she now heading for certain recovery? Not yet - more like moving from the Intensive Care High Dependency! We have at least given her a fighting chance.

Really made me think of how precious life on the farm is, because only a matter of minutes before I visited Tarnya to check her progress...down the other side of my house - one of our best cows, Clutha gave birth to a little girl :) Just looked at the date on the computer, to see that it was June 10th 2015 that Clutha went down with a mystery illness. I was deeply saddened last year, as I was resigned to her passing. She was unable to get to her feet for almost a week, but we continued to offer her feed and water in the faintest of hopes. Most miraculously of all, despite her dire condition, she had been mated 43 days - an eventual pregnancy that went on to produce this little one by Brazzle :)

What has RESPECT got to do with any of this? There are lowlife out there running around flaunting their slick youtube clips, evoking hatred towards the unassuming, hard working, animal loving farmer. While these same fools claim to be liberating tortured farm animals, they are directly inflicting more pain and suffering than the farmers they have condemned ever will. Their contrived perception of reality is promoting the mass withdrawal of consumer support for animal products - which you guessed it, creates even greater instability of the financial and emotional well-being of generational farmers, who are in fact the caretakers of....wait for it....FARM ANIMALS!!!!!

Perhaps my sentiment towards the radical minority animal rights groups seems devoid of respect. Two-way street remember. When they start respect the never ending efforts of the humble farmer, then - and only then, will I feel comfortable that they have developed a level of respect for the farm animals with which they share this planet. Maybe then, will they have displayed to me a respect worthy of reciprocation. relieved I was in a good mood when I wrote this :/

Farmer Gregie ;)
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