High Quality Milk from Australian Dairy Farmers in Queensland

At 4Real Milk, we are proud to provide Queenslanders with the tastiest, freshest and highest quality farm gate milk. Our pasteurised milk, yoghurt and cheese is ethically made and contains no additives, giving it an organic and authentic taste that you are sure to enjoy. We work with Australian Dairy farmers, ensuring that they are paid a fair farm gate price for their product. This means we are actively supporting the Australian dairy industry at its grassroots, while still offering a highly praised and quality product.

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We offer a range of highly praised and sought out pasteurised full cream milk that is ethically produced and manufactured with no additives. We also make a non-sweetened full fat natural yoghurt and a range of cheese that is also minimally processed to fit our ethos. We offer our products in a range of different sizes to suit the needs of individuals and families.

Our Products

Our Story

The 4Real Milk journey began in 2013 with the Dennis family, they decided to set up their very own milk processing plant on the farm. The farm had been in the family for almost 80 years at this stage, where the cows were once milked by hand and the milk delivered via a horse and cart!


In early 2022 after a long and admirable career in the dairy industry the farm was taken over by two local families the Teese’s and Wyatt’s.  Continuing with the same ethos and ethics that have already been put in place. 


Our goal will be to continue to provide the freshest and highest quality farm gate milk, with no additives, to the people of Queensland and beyond. With the objective being to continue to grow our herd and supply more Queenslanders with locally produced and bottled milk.

Our Story


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4Real Milk in the Media

Over the years, we have had the great fortune of receiving fantastic positive exposure from the media. From radio interviews to featuring on ‘The Project’, our story and the quality of our product speaks for itself.

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