The Best Pasteurised Full Cream Milk in Queensland

The passionate and dedicated team at 4Real Milk is excited to share our delicious, ethically sourced and manufactured range of pasteurised milk with no additives. We also produce a delightfully refreshing, healthy and organic natural yoghurt. Having worked in the industry for close to a decade, you can trust us to make some of the best milk and yoghurt in Queensland.

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4Real Milk Products

Our range of milk products are ethically made from pasteurised full cream milk. We don’t add anything to enhance the flavour of our milk, which ensures an authentic and great taste that is better for you and your family. Our milk is one of the most natural and minimally processed products on the market in Queensland and is available in three sizes;

  • 2 litres (plastic bottle)
  • 1 litre (plastic bottle)
  • 750ml (glass bottle)

Keep in mind, if you see cream on the top, don’t worry! That’s how it is meant to be.  

4Real Natural Yoghurt

Our natural yoghurt is also produced according to our organic and ethical ethos, as it is minimally processed and naturally made. Our unsweetened natural yoghurt is available in 1kg pots and is perfect for topping your breakfast cereal, adding to smoothies and desserts, and so much more!

4Real Cheese

Sold at specialty stores are our Triple Cream Brie 200g, Camembert 200g, Feta 150g and Halloumi 200g.  Something for all the cheese lovers out there.

  • Triple cream brie
  • camembert
  • halloumi
  • feta

Supporting Queensland Farmers

4Real Milk is 100% Australian owned and operated and our farmers are paid a fair farm gate price for supplying us with raw milk. We are fully committed to supporting the grassroots Queensland dairy industry for years to come.


From café owners to major supermarket chains and everyone in-between, it seems our freshly produced milk, yoghurt and cheese are a hit wherever they go! If you can’t find a stockist on the map below – just give us a call or email and we'll find one for you.


Please note that our delicious yoghurt, cheese or glass bottles may not be available in all stores.

To find out more about the best pasteurised full cream milk in Queensland, reach out to us on

0448 887 844.