Supporting Local Family Farmers in Queensland

Our story of Tamrookum Dairy has only just begun, whereas the dairy history on this property started over 80 years ago with the Dennis’s, when they use to hand milk cows and deliver milk to the community via a horse and cart.


Early 2022 brought a change in family ownership when the Teese and Wyatt cousins took over. Already both having history in the Scenic Rim District, their goal is to continue to grow, producing the best quality dairy products to the South East Queensland Region.

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Our Goal and Mission

Since the day we established our brand, we aimed to provide the freshest, highest quality farm gate fresh milk with no additives, while still paying our farmers a fair and sustainable price for their raw product. Over the past 10-15 years, the $1 per litre milk war decimated farmers' ability to make a profit on their milk.


It is our goal to support rural farmers in Queensland as best we can. Yes, this means our product is slightly more expensive than the big brands, however, you know exactly who you are supporting when you choose to buy our milk and yoghurt.

Come and Visit the Farm

Tamrookum Dairy is not currently open for visitors.


In the near future we hope to welcome you back on to the farm to see how we process fresh raw milk and witness milking our cows through the use of our state of the art robotic machines.

For further information about how 4Real Milk supports local farmers in Queensland, call us on

0448 887 844.